fredag, oktober 27

The Scandinavians are rocking it-London;

A sweetheart from Finland and a Dane in London can just not go wrong!

Adam and Kelly-London;

I’s been a while since I got here, and I have to admit that things have been a bit crazy over here. First of all, London moves so much faster than Oslo, so I have to work different from what I’m used to.

I like to have a chat with people I photograph and explain what, and who I’m taking pictures for etc. But there are not so much time for that, as the people passing by gets annoyed of people stopping up the sidewalk traffic.

I'll do my best to ajust, and present the London spirit through my photographs. I think this couple was nice to start on with, they where so nice and smiling and gave me a smooth start.


tirsdag, oktober 24

rock and polka dots - Oslo

Yvonne likes rock and roll, polka dots and converse allstars.

Vintage shoppers - Oslo

Kari and Andreo was browsing through one of the vintage stores at Grûnerløkka and I asked if i could take their picture. Even though its getting colder, some people still manage to pull off great autumn looks and put on a smile- like these two.

torsdag, oktober 19

Up and running

Marius got back his camera so you can expect more frequently updates here on Oslostil.

Apparently it is a lot of rain in Oslo at the moment, but that doesn't keep our citizens from dressing impeccably cool.

fredag, oktober 13


I just wanted to let you know that I've been busy designing this week,its getting there so hopefully it will be up and running soon.

This has naturally prevented me from taking street pictures which is not good, but I promise to make it up for you in the next couple of days.


lørdag, oktober 7

Good news

The Lovely pictures I recieved was from Marius.

I met Marius a couple of weeks ago before I left Oslo, he agreed to help me out with Oslostil while I had to go back to my studies in London.

He's going to take pictures from Oslo while I'm posting from London. Double fun for you guys!


onsdag, oktober 4

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself"

When I was little I had an invisible friend called Pøbor that always helped me out whenever I had difficulties, or were in some kind of trouble. As I grew older, he left me for someone else, I guess. Or exchanged me for a younger model maybe?!

II haveve missed Pøbor ever since, cause I don't feel that the problems you face in life get any easier as you grow older, I would say rather the opposite.

My point in this story is that, the other dareceivedeved some pictures from a secret agent/friend in Oslo. I felt that what this particular agent/friend did, similarular to what Pøbor did for me when I was little.

Helping me without expecting anything in return. So for you guys that have missed updates here on Oslostil (thanks to my friend whom I at some other point will introduce you to) Here is two lovely pictures from the streets of Oslo.

And since I have a more stable internet access from today onward. You can expect to see updates from the streets of London pretty soon as well.