fredag, juli 28

Going away for a couple of days;

I will be going away for the weekend so there will be no post before next week, enjoy your weekend and take inspiration from this super cool beach chick I captured on the shores at Bygdøy.(Walking distance from central Oslo) Buy a cool sun hat, a book and lean back and enjoy the amazing weather.

onsdag, juli 26

Carmen; Solligaten

tirsdag, juli 25

An Eye for details; Karl Johan

Rikke recently graduated as a fashion designer, its not hard to see that she has an eye for details, we especially love the necklace with the "monogram look", the nostalgic gypsy purse and the silver sandals.

mandag, juli 24

Bomblasteristic; Bygdøy alle

There is something special about her, we don’t know if it is the easy laid back kind of eightes inspired style or if it is the very pretty face.

Thea Regine and Marie; Drammensvn.

Well we guess that someone has spend some parts of summer at festivals. Here in Norway there are many cool festivals to attend and we are sure that these two rock chicks managed to have their share of fun with their cool style.

Easy always wins; Frogner veien

søndag, juli 23

Charlotte; Karl Johan

In love with grey; Solli plass

Grey is predicted to be THE colour this season, why not start already now... Love this little grey purse from Vero Moda the colour combination grey/yellow is very summer stylish!

Scarves scarves, scarves; Karl Johan

We love them and cant get enough of them even if it`s summer.

lørdag, juli 22

Want to know more about what we are doing;

Here´s an article recently published by Slate Magazine which discusses street fashion blogs (by; Justin Shubow)

fredag, juli 21

Harmony; Aker brygge

Sweet sixties with a personal twist; Bygdøy alle

Josephine(20) works at Soul in Bygdøy allè, she just looked stunning in a Twiggy kind of way.

onsdag, juli 19

Nostalgia: Dattera til Hagen, Grønland

What a great idea, using a skirt as a supercute dress like that. Anne(26) knows how to wear secondhand! "Me and a good friend was on vacation at my friends grandmothers house, and I spotted the bag in the bathroom. She kept her curlers in the bag, but I asked her nicely because I had to have it. My grandmother also thinks it is funny that I use a bag like that for a handbag." If there is anything that makes us shiver, it is anything that once belonged to a grandma.

Polkadots: Dattera til Hagen, Grønland

Elegant and cute, it was simply fascinating.

Trygve; Grønland

It seems like some people can just pull off a relaxing and easy going style with no effort other than being themselves.

Cutieboy; Grønland

Ida; Frederiks stangsgt.

"Ive had this skirt for years but its one of my favourites, perfect mix between stylish and laidback" we love the colourmix between the bright red jacket and skirt...and of course the gorgeous face:0)

Blessed with friends; Frognerveien

What is summer without a cute summer dress, big smile and spending time with your best friend.

tirsdag, juli 18

Oh...we so want that canvas bag; Frogner parken

"The most important thing for me is to feel comfortable and relaxed with what I wear" Kine(22) usually likes to shop at H&M and combine their clothes with small unique pieces at seconhand shops like Tonica here in Oslo.

Trine; Frogner plass

"I have a pretty mixed style, but I prefer combining simple and comfortable clothes with a splash of glam in it, jeans is a must but sweet dresses in the summertime is altso nice" like this dress from Zara. Trine(30) favourite places to shop in Oslo; Cosmo, Kemt, H&M, B2 Clothing.

We are in Love; Torggt.

“The bag is from Zoul and is one of my favourites. My latest purchase is this YSL belt, I bought it in Stockholm. Here in Oslo I usually do my shopping at Tonica, I love whats going on there!”

Hat is back; Torggt.

Unfortunately we rarely see hats. Why is that when it is so cool? In our opinion it shows confidence and sense of style

When details matters; Nedre Slottsgt.

Being a student Tobias(22) works part time at H&M and naturally picks up some of the goodies there. “The bag is really so not me, but I kind of think it fits my style anyway.” We embrace the “mismatch” idea and we altso know from experience how the guys working at H&M finds their own little twist to it.

mandag, juli 17

Fatima: Stortingsgt.

”This shirt is so old it is falling apart!” Her sweet shirt reminded us about the “waffle pattern” which traditionally is used a lot in Norwegian design. Latest seen in Arne&Carlos S/S 2006 collection.

The everloving stripes; Frognerveien

Laidback chic; Frognerveien

søndag, juli 16

Declyn; Thorvald Meyersgt.

The eighties (if not really the seventies) "sporty disco style" always seems to return. First we saw the cutie-shorts in the video to Eric Prydz "Call on me", then Madonna picked it up in her music video "Hung up" from "Confessions on a dancefloor". The trend has also hit the catwalk, this years a/w 06/07 couture collection from Galliano is clearly inspired by it. Declyn(24) also reminded us about Steven Meisels editorial in July-06 issue of Italian Vogue.

Secondhand chic; Thorvald Meyersgt.

We can not get enough of gold jewellery and white t-shirts, so laidback, classy and cool. Esra(25) likes do her shopping online; "I bought both the bag and the scarf on ebay. I scooped these shoes at the marked up in Birkelunden, very cheap!" We spotted her later at the very same marked trying on a pair of supercool boots, you can tell she has the eye for it.

Brasilian spirit; Trondheimsveien

Sweet and simple; Trondheimsveien

"This is really just a levis skirt and shirt from H&M, but I usually make my own clothes. Other than that I also like to buy second hand." -Sofie (21)