mandag, september 25

Oslo/London for a while

Today is my last day in Oslo for a while. I'm still trying to find out how I'm going to do it with Oslostil while I'm in London, but I guess you don't mind if I post some London pics at Oslostil in the future?!...

When I see pictures like this captured by the Sartorialist, in London. I look very much forward to continue my 'street photographing' there. I wish to explore and bring the London style to you, seen through my eyes.

But I must say I leave Oslo with a heavy heart, cause I think that I have captured some of it's true spirit throughout this summer, running my project Oslostil. And in some way I feel that I'm letting you down by moving.

I promise to make it up for you cause I have a number of great Ideas and plans. One thing that I really need is a graphic designer/programmer. So If you are out there (preferably based in either Oslo or London) and think it could be interesting to be a part of building up just contact me at for further information.

I'm also in dialog with one of Norways biggest newspapers Dagbladet about maybe doing something for them- so cross your fingers for me! I just have to thank every single one of you for being so supportive and I hope that you will keep visiting

There will be a 3 page spread about blogging in the next issue of Norwegian Elle, and I will be in it...So hit the newsstand in mid October. I will keep you updated on that one.

Lots of Love

Picture; The Sartorialist

lørdag, september 23

Sorry guys

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. It's caused by restructuring of Oslostil, because I'm moving back to London....But I'm not going to leave you and there's exiting things to come. In the meantime check out all the other exiting streetblogs in the link section.


torsdag, september 21

Oslostil ala Hel Looks

It's not hard to see that their favorite street blog is Hel looks, and its so fun how streetfashion can be a global inspiration for people.

Did Punk ever die?

Because I was to young at the time, I unfortunately missed the original punk movement here in Norway, but my sister pretty much was the queen of punk.

Just observing the original culture was maybe a good thing, cause my sister will never touch a can of hairspray, old dirty t-shirts or leather jackets again.

tirsdag, september 19

Perfect; Gimle Kino

It was really funny cause Line and her friend was out street casting for another thing and actually approached me before I made it to them. We both spotted each other in other words. I love the jacket-sneakers combination it makes the classic 'chic' look so ease.

Fredrik; Atmosfar, Skovveien.

Jeanette; Skovveien

Jeanette works as a freelance stylist, we ended up having an interesting talk about Norwegian streetstyle and fashion in general. She has lived in London for four years and I can see a bit of 'London' in her style, one thing we both agreed on is that boots never goes out of fashion, they really can rock up an outfit.

Lost but not forgot; OFW

The other day I got a reminder because of a comment I got here on Oslostil from Erlend. I thought I'd seen this guy before or taken his picture or something like that, so I searched through all of my oslostil pictures, and there between them I found him.

I don't know how I forgot this one, because that scarf is exactly like my favorite scarf during kindergarten. And Erlend was such a sweet guy!

lørdag, september 16


onsdag, september 13

Feminine layering

tirsdag, september 12

The photographer

Gotta love him!

mandag, september 11

Sanaz; Frongnerveien

She was smilingly bouncing down the street today, and had this amazing energy so I couldn't let her get away.

When we started talking she told me that she designs fur vests (as the one in the picture) so I predict you will see more of this girl in the near future.

She gets her inspiration from traveling and from her Persian/Indian background, the idea behind the fur vests (made of rabbit and sheep) came out of one of her mom's old jackets which were possible to wear inside out, very practical and smart.

So all in all it was worth the effort getting out today, despite feeling like my head got stuck in a bowl.


Bettina; Bygdøy alle

And I didn't have to go very far to find this gorgeous girl either. Love the combination of the H&M dress and the Marc Jacobs shoes, and the earrings just speak for themselves.

The stylist; Bygdøy alle

I crawled myself out of bed with fever and a drippy nose today, so I could get this blog moving again. And there, right outside my door I dumped into Jojo Eng, a guy I think does something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

lørdag, september 9

Hello Kitty; Fashion Madness 2/9-06

We totally overlooked and forgot to post this picture taken from Fashion Madness Fredrikstad the other week. Line snapped this picture while I was backstage photographing. Birgitte is a hairdresser, makeup artist and model

New Stylediary receive

Highstreet faboulous

"Dere gjør forresten en superjobb med Oslostil-siden! Er så spennende å se diverse antrekk fra Oslos gater man ikke får muligheten til å se selv ellers, samt det å vise resten av verden litt av Norges/Oslos stil, selvom den ikke nødvendigvis kan måles med andre deler av verden"

Thanks for sharing Natalie

Hello I'm back

From fabulous Copenhagen. No pictures, but a lot of inspiration and thoughts about Scandinavian fashion and style.

I think it would be interesting and fun if you guys wrote your thoughts about Scandinavians or particularly Norwegian Fashion and style ( Just click and write directly on 'comments', or simply write us an E-mail)

We also want to mention that we really enjoyed the article Astri Moksnes Barbala wrote about Oslostil for Dagbladet Fredag (Norway's second biggest newspaper) covering streetfashion blogging.

Our intention is to be able to reach out to special interested as well as the general public, we had a good response from the article so keep on coming back to Oslostil and next time you leave the door keep in mind that you could be chased by some stylehungry bloggers.


onsdag, september 6

Off to style city

I'm off to Copenhagen for a couple of days. I might post some pictures while I'm there, so stay tuned. If not it would be great if I came home and the inbox where full of Oslostil-stylediary receives from you guys.

mandag, september 4

Cutie cutie; Grunerløkka

We love them scarf boys; Grunerløkka

mustache boy; Grunerløkka

søndag, september 3

Fashion Madness; Fredrikstad

fredag, september 1

Streetwearshow by 'Kassert'; Grunerløkka

Streetwear show where it belongs, amongst the people that the inspiration originally comes from.

My lucky day

How annoying isn't it when you meet one of the most beautiful models that you know of, and she meets you with a smile as warm as the sun, and style as impeccable as it can be. Hanneli Mustaparta is one of my own style favorites here in Oslo. She has traveled the world and come back again as an 'all Norwegian girl' how good is that.

The only thing that makes you notice that she has been away is that she is more daring when it comes to fashion, and that's a thing which can be inspiring in it's self. Who doesn't remember the little red dress from eBay she wore to the Costume launch party, today's it was the gloves that where from eBay. And the Ninja boots I wrote about from Cheapo Footwear fits the look very well.

Rock my world; Thorvald Meyersgate

These two brothers works for the family driven flower shop, here in Oslo. As you can see from the picture they mainly get their inspiration from the 50's.