torsdag, november 30

Asle (23)-Oslo

"I'm inspired by Lucinda Williams - the drunken angel laying on a gravel road."

Photo-Kirsti Irgens Ertsås

Hanne (21) and Ida (21)-Oslo

Photo-Kirsti Irgens Ertsås

Katrine (25)-Oslo

"I've knitted the scarf myself."

Photo-Kirsti Irgens Ertsås

torsdag, november 23

Nike SB launch at BLÅ-Oslo


tirsdag, november 21

Scandinavian interests

Our friends at Lifeiscarbon has written a short article about Oslostil and how much they love Scandinavian street style.

We embrace them for that, and love their site which we find really informational and up to date on Scandinavian art, design and culture.

As you can see from our sidebar Oslostil also appears regularly in lifeiscarbons sidebar feature together with other Scandinavian streetstyle blogs.

Oslostil in Costume

Even though London has thousands of fashion magazines, the Norwegian ones seems to be hard to get a hold of.

I found this Costume article through my friend Agathe's blog which by the way also features in the Elle article 'Fashion scouts' with Oslostil this month.

For me it's just mindblowing to get mentioned in big fashion magazines I look up to, like Elle and Costume. As a result of that certain informal obligations appear, or to put it in another way; People expect updates and a certain quality, which is perfectly understandable.

Recently I´ve received some rather unpleasant emails which amongst others told me that Oslostil didn't deserve to be called a fashion blog. Just to answer that question, I like to say that my intention behind Oslostil was first and foremost very personal. Also it allowed me to have fun exploring the Oslo identity and style as a summer project.

However I have to be honest and say that this experience has been a good thing for me, cause it has forced me to think about Oslostil as a thing I want to develop further and do to serve you.

Together with Lukas I've soon managed to design and programme a webpage without any particular skills within that profession to start with. It's beginningg to look good and I cant wait to launch it. There will also be other features in addition to the streetpictures that will appear as soon as we have worked it through.

I look forward to getting my Christmas break now, so I can come back and capture Oslo citizens all wrapped up in beautiful layers of stylish warmth.


søndag, november 19

Sorry guys.

we sincerely apologise for the lack of updates.

please stay with us, it will all change soon.

we are working on a big surprice, which is just around the corner.



onsdag, november 15

Rock n' Roll never goes out of fashion-London

These two Red Star Rebels band members where standing on the street corner properly hung over, but nevertheless looking extremely cool. According to Ex-Guns n' Roses member Gilby Clarke, the lads know how put on a real show "...It's the real deal, f**ing Rock n' Roll man!". We wouldn't doubt it for a second.

NationalTeateret - Oslo


mandag, november 13

Yvan- Oslo

Spent this rainy cold day, walking around showing Yvan the streets of Oslo.


tirsdag, november 7

Finally it reached London

I was so happy when I got to my mailbox today, to have your first publication in a big fashion magazine like ELLE is amazing!

'Cold is here'-London

We have had very pleasant temperatures here in London this year. We've literally been able to just wear a t-shirt up until about a week ago. But now winter has definitely made it's entrance, it's freezing cold,but that doesn't stop people from dressing up. It just means more layers for us to love.

mandag, november 6

Saturday night People - Oslo


torsdag, november 2

Creme and black-London

Team up-London

I've got a third part engaged in Oslostil, so now there's two guys and me working on this project.

Lukas was out the other day and shot these two guys on the streets, the one below was an artist with these really cool pants. You have the very typical London guy on the top.